About us

We are a diversified design, build, and remodeling company specializing in remodeling, replacement windows, and major home renovations. With over 30 years of experience, our team provides unique and creative design ideas tailored to fit your needs and space. We have our own highly skilled employees who are always courteous and professional.

We keep our customer's needs first. We will provide you with the expertise you expect and an unwavering discipline of being on time, on budget, and accountability to detail.

  • Dual finish technology
  • External aluminium extrusion
  • Thermally broken sub-sill
  • IGU thickness up to 24 mm

How we work

Choose your window

Choose a window that you want on our site. You can call us to order it.

Window installation

Our technicians will come to install your custom window.

Measuring windows

Our specialist will come to you at the appointed time to measure windows.

professional repair

Providing cost-effective and professional window installation and repair services.

Why choose us

  1. Safety

    We place the safety of our products and customers who use them before any other aspect of our work.

  2. Responsibility

    We are responsible for every single window we manufacture and install, and that’s why our customers trust us.

  3. Opportunity

    With our company, you can install high-quality windows without any extra cost.

What to Expect

Now that you have chosen your new windows, it’s time to begin installation. While replacing or purchasing new construction windows is a fairly significant project, the actual installation is quick and generally requires the least amount of homeowner involvement. When you work with Window Construction, you can expect a professional job completion that generally takes just a few hours.